​​​​About Aquif Shaikh

Aquif ShaikhHello Friends,

I am Aquif Shaikh and I am the face behind FreelanceBiz.com.  I completed my schooling from Baroda city in the Gujarat state of India before moving to Mumbai where I completed my Bachelors of Engineering in Production.

I’ve been lucky enough to work in multiple domains including technical marketing and Human Resource before switching my career path again to take up Blogging and Digital Marketing as my full-time career.

As of now, I am concentrating mainly on blogging. I have multiple blogs where I write about various topics. FreelanceBiz.com is my third blog.

Apart from Blogging, I am an On-Page SEO expert with keyword research being my USP. I also take up freelance SEO projects for small business and individual bloggers.

When not blogging or researching on the web,

About Freelance Biz

FreelanceBiz.com is a blog that aims to motivate people to switch to freelancing from their regular 9-5 job. It provides useful tips to the freelancers to enhance their skills and get more freelance projects.

Apart from freelancing tips, the blog also covers various ways of Making Money Online for technical as well as non-technical people.

Why Freelance Biz?

Unlike most other Bloggers who target publishing multiple posts daily to improve search ranking, my focus has always been to write well-researched articles that will benefit my readers.

I strongly believe in transparency. Most of my readers already know me as someone who believes in providing genuine and selfless solutions.

That’s all about me and my Blog. If you have any suggestions to improve my blog please feel free to contact me through this Contact Form.

You may also get in touch with me at LinkedIn, TwitterGoogle+

Thanks a lot for reading about me and, more importantly, being my loyal reader.

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