10 Reasons Why Freelancing Is Better Than Regular Jobs

The twenty-first century has seen a dramatic change in the way people think. “Generation Y” started experimenting with “Out-0f-the-box” Ideas of Making Money to stand out of the crowd. “Generation Z”, it seems, is all set to take a step further.  As discussed in my previous article about Future Of Freelancing, according to various reliable sources, by 2025, the number of Freelancers in US workforce is set to exceed the number of traditional Job seekers.

So what is it that makes people shift their preference from Regular Jobs To Freelance Jobs? While some people choose to be Freelancers out of necessity, according to Survey carried out by Edelman Berland for Freelancer’s Union and Upwork in 2015, 60% of American Freelancers chose Freelancing as a career by choice.

The exact reason may be different for every individual. However, with my experience of working as an Online Business Consultant, I could pick out the Top 10 reasons that make people feel more attracted towards Freelancing Career and one of them may just be a reason for you too.

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10 Reasons For You To Choose Freelancing Over Regular Jobs

1. There’s Nothing Like Home

Hate working at your boring Office table? How about Working From Home while sitting on a comfortable couch? Does that sound interesting? Surely it does to most of the people out there and is one of the main reasons for many to switch to Freelancing.

2. Be Your Own Boss

Not everyone is alike. Some people want a Boss over their head to get them working while others simply hate being ruled by someone just because he is more senior. If you belong to the latter category than definitely, you must consider switching to Freelancing.

3. Unlimited Earning Potential

Getting underpaid for the work you complete? Switch to freelancing and your earnings will be directly proportional to the work you complete. If you are happy with the smaller cheques, you can work less. If you dream big, stay glued to your work desk for a longer time. The more you work, the more you earn.

4. Choose Your Work Timings

While some Jobs at Freelance Websites may require you to work at specific times, by and large, you can choose your own work timings. So say goodbye to the typical 9-6 Jobs and choose your own work timings and wake up at your own will.

5. Select Your Projects

Hate the New project which your boss just handed over to you? Welcome to the Freelancer’s world where you and only you will decide what work you are you will do.

6. Challenge Your Talent

While most people love to work on easy projects, some people find it too boring. They love challenging work. With Freelancing, you are free to take up a challenging Job without the fear of being fired from Job if you fail to complete it. At the most, you will end up with one negative rating, which would certainly not affect you much if you have a lot of successfully completed Jobs to your credit.

7. Plan Your Vacations The Way You Want

Want to go out on a Trip with friends or family? You no more have to beg your boss to approve a week’s leave for your mini vacation. With Freelancing, you can easily manage your projects to schedule your trip whenever your want.

8. Work From Across The Seas

Visiting your cousin in a different country? No need to take a break from work. It does not matter which part of the world you are, you can still continue with your work as long as you have access to a computer and Internet.

9. Cherish Lovely Moments With Your Loved Ones

You no longer have to regret not seeing your child grow while you work at the office. Nor do you have to worry about taking time off for your family. With Freelancing, Earn money for your living while spending quality time with your family.

10. Cut Down On Your Expenses

Spending too much to travel to your office and for having a healthy lunch? With Freelancing. you can save on these extra expenses. Add to it, you do not have to shell out money for buying those Formal Clothes which you would probably hate to wear otherwise.


As evident from my article, Freelancing certainly has a lot of advantages over Regular Jobs. However, since not everyone can succeed in Making Money Online, I would suggest you to first start with part-time Freelancing along with a regular Job. Once you start getting a good number of projects, you can definitely quit your Job to work full time with Freelance Websites.

So what Next? If you are a beginner to freelancing world, you should definitely read my article about How To Get More Freelance Jobs. This guide will definitely help you to Improve your chances of getting more Jobs at Freelance Websites.

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Hemangini - February 24, 2016

Nice post.. I am a full time job holder and I would recommend that if you can find a freelancing career then go for it, don’t get into this 9-5 jargon. it sucks big time

    Aquif Shaikh - February 24, 2016

    Hello Hemangini..Thanks reading through my post and dropping this encouraging comment.


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