Best Online Data Entry Jobs Without Investment in 2019

Data Entry Jobs need no introduction. Online Data Entry Jobs are most sought after online jobs since they don't require Technical Skills.

However, finding Online Data Entry Jobs Without Investment is not easy. Also, you can hardly find any reliable information about Data Entry Jobs from Home.

Therefore, I thought of writing this article to educate people about various Online Data Entry Jobs Without Investment, skills required to complete these jobs. I have also included information on Data Entry Job Scams.

So, let us get started with the skills required for Data Entry Jobs.

Note: This article talks only about data entry jobs. If you are looking for other online jobs, you can check my article on Online Jobs From Home Without Investment

Skills Required For Data Entry Jobs

Data Entry is not just about typing with good speed. For earning decent money with Data Entry, you must have advanced MS Office skills like knowledge of Excel formulas, VBA, Macros, preparing powerpoint presentations etc.

You must also know how to make the typed document presentable and visually appealing. Knowledge of Google docs is also must these days.

For people who lack the above skills, there are a few data entry jobs that require plain typing, but those are hard to find and offer very low pay rates.

Data Entry Scams

As I said, Data Entry jobs are very popular. However, their popularity makes them vulnerable to scams.

You may have come across advertisements on internet or newspapers about High Paying Data Entry Jobs which require no skills. However, most of these jobs are scams.

People who claim to provide data entry jobs will mostly ask you to pay some initial charges for registration or buying the software package. Some of them may ask for charges for withdrawing your money.

Needless to say, when you pay these charges they will disappear like a smoke. So you must never ever pay for any online job, be it data entry job or something else.

Also, some data entry providers will never ask for any payment. But they will not even pay you for your hard efforts.

Remember, most scammers pay for a certain time to lure more people. So don't get carried away if your friend got his payment, you may never get yours.

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Are There Any Online Data Entry Jobs?

There are several Real Data Entry Jobs that are legitimate and requires no investment. However, these jobs are very few in number as compared to people trying to grab these jobs.

So finding a Legitimate Data Entry Job Without Investment will be really difficult. Nevertheless, you can still try to find some online typing jobs.

Types Of Data Entry Jobs

There are several types of Data Entry Jobs. We will discuss the Top Data Entry Jobs that are very popular.

1. Simple Typing Jobs

These are the most basic form of Data Entry Jobs. You will be required to type the text from either from handwritten or PDF documents. You will mostly be paid per page you type. However, if the number of pages is more, you may agree upon a fixed amount.

Simple data entry is usually in the English language, but you may be asked to type in regional languages. Needless to say, few people have skills to type in languages other than English. So competition fpr typing jobs in regional languages will be lower.

For plain typing jobs, you should have very good typing speed. Preferably typing speed should be above 55-60 WPM.

2. Copy-Paste Jobs

As the name suggests, in this types of jobs you will have to copy data from one place to another. These Jobs are very easy to do but are very time-consuming and at times very boring.

You will need to be very patient for completing such jobs. These Jobs are very hard to find on the internet.

3. Image To Text Jobs

There are many softwares available for converting Image to Text, but they are not accurate and, more importantly, these softwares may leak confidential data. For this reason, businesses and other individual avoid using any software and hire freelancers.

In Image To Text Jobs, you will have to type the text as seen in the image. These are again simple jobs and so highly competitive.

4. Excel Programming Jobs

Few people know that excel is a tiny little programming tool. Excel programming is mainly used for accounting and for jobs which require you to handle large data.

For Excel Programming Jobs you will need to have a good command of Excel Formulas, Macros as well as VBA.

5. Transcription Data Entry Jobs

In Transcription jobs, you will be given an audio file with lectures or interviews or any other content. You will have to type the data from that file into text format.

For such jobs, it's necessary for you to have good command over English. Ability to understand various accents is an important skill if you wish to get transcription jobs from around the world.

Several companies use sophisticated software to control the audio playback to make it easier to type. However, such tools are expensive and so you have to manually manage things. So, typing speed will be a critical factor for transcription jobs.

6.  Medical Transcriptionist Jobs

Medical Transcriptionist jobs are similar to the transcriptionist jobs mentioned above. However, these jobs involve transcription of medical terms so you must be well acquainted with medical terminilogies to avail these jobs.

7. Form Filling Jobs

In Form filling jobs, you will be given the necessary data and you have to use it to fill up the forms online. Real form filling data entry jobs are hard to find.

Also to be noted, form filling jobs are very commonly used by scammers. So if you get an offer for these jobs, make sure you verify everything before working on these jobs.

8. Powerpoint Presentation Jobs

In these jobs, you will be given raw data and you will have to make a powerpoint presentation. This job is not just about typing rather designing the slides, making tables and Graphs and formatting the slides.

Top Websites For Finding Data Entry Jobs

There are several freelancing websites where you can find data entry jobs. I am listing few of them below.

1. Upwork

Upwork is one of the best freelance jobs websites to that you can use to find data entry jobs. It is highly reliable and used by several freelancers and even small companies to get various type of freelance work that includes Data Entry Jobs.

However, Upwork is very strict about the quality of freelancers that register with their website. They manually verify each application and so unless you are highly skilled at Data Entry Jobs your application request may not be approved.

In fact, they also claim to control the number of freelancers with certain skills. So if they have a lot of active data entry operators, irrespective of your skill, your application might be rejected.

Upwork is mostly free to use and bid on jobs. Unless you have a stable business and you bid on lots of jobs daily, you will never need to upgrade to their paid plans.

2. Freelancer.com

Freelancer is a website similar to Upwork. Though Freelancer.com is trustworthy, the quality of clients on the website is not good. Also, unlike Upwork, a lot of Freelancer.com's features are paid.

I generally avoid freelancer as I don't find the clients on the website to be trustworthy.

3. Guru

Guru is another website where you can find data entry jobs. Although, not as popular as Upwork, it does have a considerable number of data entry jobs

Final Words

There are many data entry Jobs, some pay less and some pay high. It depends upon on the skills of an individual as to what Data Entry jobs are best for him.

For people who have experience working as data entry operators and have sufficient knowledge of MS office, they can work with websites like Upwork.

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