Top 5 Legitimate Online Jobs Without Investment

Online Jobs are the most sort after Jobs.  Some people do it for a little extra income whereas others work online full-time and take it as their bread and butter. However, Legitimate Online Jobs without Investment are hard to find.

Most people claiming to offer online jobs will ask you for investment and a vast majority of them are scammers. That’s the reason I have created this blog to help people find various online jobs that do not require any investment.

Like regular Jobs, there are various types of Online Jobs. Some Jobs are easy, others are not. Some pay very handsomely, others can get you pennies. Of Course, the Universal law of “Tougher the Job, More the Pay” applies to online Jobs too.

So how do you decide which type of Job you should take up? Well, it again depends on what is “Interesting” and “Easy” for you. No two people are same. What’s easy for me may not be easy for you and vice versa holds true too. So it’s very important to know what Online Job Market has in store for you.  This is the reason I have created a list of Top trending Jobs available online.

If you are looking for a more comprehensive list, you can check out my latest article which includes 15 Ways To Make Money Online Without Investment

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Data Entry Jobs Without Investment

Data Entry Jobs probably needs no explanation. These are the most sought after Jobs on the internet. Many Data Entry Jobs Provider claim of providing highly paid data entry Jobs and will ask you to deposit a fixed amount either as software charges or Training charges. Most of these Jobs are fake. You should never pay anything to anyone for such Jobs.

Some people feel that Data entry is just about typing plain text. However, there are various types of Data Entry Jobs available on the internet. You can check out the Top Data Entry Jobs available on the internet for free to get an idea about what skills you need to get Data Entry Jobs and where to find them.


Technically all online jobs can be referred to as ‘Freelance Jobs’. However, unlike the other online Jobs, Freelance jobs require you to have certain skills. The employer will either interview you via Skype or will judge you based on the ratings  given to you by your previous employers. Freelance projects may be completed in few hours to few months. Payments too can be on per hour basis or a fixed amount for the Project.

I have prepared a list of Top Websites For Freelance Jobs which are free and legitimate. However, getting Job at these websites is not easy for a Fresher. By Fresher, I mean, Fresher at the website, irrespective of your work experience with regular Jobs.

To make things easier for beginners, I have prepared a set of guidelines that you can follow to be a Successful Freelancer


Online Micro Jobs Without Investment

Micro Jobs may be considered a part of Freelance Jobs. However, they are slightly different from Freelance Jobs.

Micro Jobs can usually be completed in few minutes and hence the name “Micro Jobs”. The tasks are usually very simple like signing up for websites, liking and sharing something on Facebook, commenting on YouTube video etc.

Micro Jobs are generally large in numbers, so the employer does not select an individual candidate. They either make the Job available to all or filter the candidates based on their country and past performance.

As a Freelancer, you don’t have to apply for Micro Jobs. You are free to complete any jobs available to you.

There are many websites which offer Micro Jobs. However, as with all online jobs, only a few are legitimate and pay you.  You can check out the list of  Top 5 Websites of Micro Jobs which are genuine, along with a brief explanation of how these websites work and how and when will they pay you.


There are various online websites which pay you for completing certain surveys. Length and payment of surveys vary. Lengthier the survey, more the payment you can get. Payments for Surveys available to Indians is usually in the range of $0.4 to $1.5

Though there are many websites with whom you can register for Paid survey, I generally recommend registering only with ClixSense as it clubs many survey companies under one roof. It also provides other ways of making money online including Crowdflower Microjobs.  The payout too is less than other “Survey Only” Websites at just $8. All these things ensure that you are quickly able to cash out your earnings.

Initially, the number of surveys will be less and you may or may not be eligible for all the surveys. By filling up the survey profile correctly, you will get more relevant surveys you are eligible for. Also, make sure to download ClixAddon which will notify you whenever a new survey is available so that you do not have to check the website regularly.


Make Money With Blogging

Most people think know that Blogging is a medium to share their views with the world. But do you know you can earn too by blogging and also take it up as your full-time profession?

In fact, with the digitization of the world, Blogging is gaining more and more popularity. Bloggers worldwide earn as high as $5,00,000 – $8,00,000 per month.

Surprised? Many people are surprised because they never knew one can earn from Blogging, leave apart earning so much. What better way than earning huge money for doing something you are interested in? Add to it, you can actually start blogging and earning for free. Is not that great? If you still need a reason for Blogging, you must read about Future Of Blogging

Am sure most of you may already be thinking that blogging is not your cup of Tea. You may be probably thinking of skipping this section as you are totally clueless about where to start from. Same happened with me. But take the first step and you will soon start enjoying it.For those who are still confused about what to Blog about, I have written a step by step guide for Selecting a perfect topic for your blog.

You can also read my article on How To Create A Blog from Scratch and start earning with. It is a step by step guide from the creation of a blog to monetizing from it.


There are many types of Online Jobs available. If  you know exactly how to get most of it, you probably can sit at home and earn more than what even your Boss can. For students and Housewives, this is the perfect platform to utilize their free time to earn money.

Do you know any other genuine way of making money? If yes, do share with us through comments below.

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