Top 12 Online Data Entry Jobs Without Investment

Data Entry Jobs need no introduction. Online Data Entry Jobs are most sought after Online Jobs since they don’t require Technical Skills. However one must keep in mind, for earning decent money with Data Entry, you must have thorough Knowledge of MS Office, Google Docs along with Good Typing Skills and Good Vocabulary. Knowledge of Excel Formulas, Macros, VBA, and Graphs would be an additional advantage

For those who lack the above skills, there are certain Data Entry Jobs, but they are hard to find or pay very low for the time and effort put in.

Of course, you may have come across advertisements on Internet or Newspapers about High Paying Data Entry Jobs which require no Skills. But be assured most of these Jobs are SCAMS. They either will ask you for Software/Registration Charges or will never pay you for your effort. Remember, most scammers pay for a certain time, so don’t get carried away if your friend got his payment.

I have therefore prepared a list of DATA Entry Jobs which are available online from genuine sources and requires no investment.

Update: I have added a link to Top 5 Websites For Data Entry at the bottom of the article.



These are the most basic form of Data Entry Jobs. You would be required to type text from either handwritten or PDF documents. You will mostly be paid per page you type. However, if the number of pages is more, you may agree upon a fixed amount.

Simple data entry is usually in the English language, but you may be asked to type in Regional Languages. Pay Rates for Typing in languages other than English are higher.

For Typing Jobs, you should have very good typing speed. Preferably typing speed should be above 55-60 WPM.


As the name suggests, you would be required to Copy data from one place to another. These Jobs are very easy to do but are very time-consuming and at times very boring. You will need to be very patient for completing such Jobs. You do need to have good typing speed for Copy-Paste Jobs. These Jobs are very hard to find on the internet.


In these Jobs, you would be required to type the text in an image. There are many softwares available for converting Image to Text, but they are not accurate and, more importantly, these Softwares may leak confidential Data. For this reason, Employers usually restrict the use of any such software.


Few people know but excel is a tiny little programming tool. Excel programming is mainly used for accounting and for jobs which require you to handle large data. With Excel programming jobs, you will be required to create programs to give desired output to the client. Knowledge of Excel formulas, Macros and VBA is a must for such jobs.


In this Job, you will be given an audio file with lectures or interviews. You will have to type the data from that file in proper format.

For such jobs, it’s necessary for you to have good command over English. Ability to understand various accents can land you with more Jobs


You will be required to fill up forms as per the data supplied. You should make the entries correctly in the corresponding column. They are easy to complete Job but requires a lot of attention. Your payment may be deducted/denied for too many wrong entries.


CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. These are Softwares used by Companies to keep a track of various types of Data and help them analyze their business activities.

In such Jobs, you will be given access to the CRM software/Website of the company and the raw data to be entered. You will be required to input the data correctly in the software. Since data is usually very confidential, you may be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement.


In these Jobs, you will be given an unorganized data. You will have to prepare a PowerPoint presentation from the same with proper formatting of each slide and inserting required pictures and graphs.


In these jobs, you will be provided with a very unevenly typed document usually in MS Word format. You will have to format it properly with proper Punctuation, Paragraphs, and Indents etc..


Surveys jobs are another high paying jobs which require no special skills. The length and pay for the survey vary greatly. Lengthier the survey, more is the pay. Generally, surveys available to India and other Asian countries are less. Also, qualification of surveys depends on various factors like your Qualification, your current employment status, your city etc.

There are many websites which offer Paid Surveys. Some of them provide a gift voucher for completing surveys, others pay cash. For websites which offer cash, they have minimum withdrawal limits and given the fact that not many surveys are available for Asians, reaching minimum withdrawal amount limit takes a very long time

For this reason, I generally prefer and recommend registering just with Clixsense as it pays in cash for the survey and integrates various survey platforms under one roof. It also offers various other earning options so that you can easily reach your minimum withdrawal threshold amount

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In these Jobs, the doctor will examine the patients and either dictates the condition of the patient to you directly or record the audio for same and send it to you. You will have to type whatever you are listening to.

The data to be typed contains various medical terminologies. This job is not for everyone and as it requires you to have knowledge of Medical terminologies so as to enter the data correctly.

Final Words

There are many data entry Jobs, some pay less and some pay high. It depends upon on the skills of an individual as to what Data Entry jobs are best for him. For people who have experience working as data entry operators and have sufficient knowledge of MS office, they can check register with Top Freelance Websites to make most of their talent. For people who lack these skills can consider earning with surveys at Clixsense.

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Tobi - March 15, 2018

Hi thank you for sharing your information. Please can you suggest legitimate simple typing jobs and image to text jobs website.

    Aquif Shaikh - March 17, 2018

    Tobi, legitimate typing jobs are very hard to find. You can try to find them at websites like Upwork…But I am not sure if it’s going to be an easy ride.

Shaikh Muhammad - July 20, 2017

Dear Aquif Shaikh
I read your blogs and i like it very much as it is useful and knowledgeable.
I would like to know about form filling jobs. whether it is genuine or not. As i received some offers from outsourcing companies but before joining them i want to confirm it from you.
Please guide me

    Aquif Shaikh - July 20, 2017

    To be honest, most form filling jobs are fake and scams. However, there are some genuine ones too.

    If they are making any tall claims or asking you to deposit money for using the software or to withdraw your earnings, they are certainly a scam.

    However, some companies may never ask you for a payment, but will not pay you either for your hard work. To know whether or not a company is a scam, try searching for the company’s name along with the word “scam.”

M M THAIYEB - December 16, 2015

Dear Aquif Bhai
I read yourblog randomly please guide me to take a part time online job for monthly earning of atleast for Ten Thousand. I am B.Com gruaduate wants to do typing job.

    Aquif Shaikh - December 16, 2015

    Hello Thaiyeb. You may follow my link to Top 5 Freelance Websites for getting Data Entry work. Alternately, i will make sure i draft an email to you about various things you need to do to get a Data Entry Job.


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